Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I just finished the trickster and the three models that I will be using to represent grey hunters with mark of the wolfen. I have to disagree with Jon at From the Warp. My 10 man squads look a bit different with 2 meltas and one power fist instead of the two power fists that I took from the old codex but I don't feel like I've lost anything in that change. His demonstration has failed to capture any of the opportunities of the new codex. At 1500 points, the old codex required you to run 2 hq choices, at 1501 points the old codex would require you to run 3 hq choices. I found that fact to be a burden. If you use rhinos and bolters (which I do/did) you are saving serious points in each unit. I eat most of that savings to add a mark of the wolfen (really fun models that I can't resist). Mark of the wolfen is just going to help plow through that unit that is thrown in your way to slow you down, it might help against the dreadnought that ties you up, and give you an extra shot at popping open a rhino.

Is there a power list in this codex? I don't play enough or have access to tournaments to answer this question. I will be moving south (back to civilization) mid November and hope to play weekly or at least a couple days per month but I doubt I'll be answering this question. I like balanced lists that are based in core troop choices. I think grey hunters and blood claws in rhinos and drop pods are fun and that those choices got stronger in the new codex. There just seems to be a lot of anxiety about the wolves lately in the blogging community. The truth is, I'm anxious to play them and can't (because I already took my army down to make sure it isn't crushed or lost when I move the rest of my stuff). For now I'm considering lists and painting.

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