Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Wolves Please

Why did I choose wolves? I have to say that from the start I've been called to chaos. With Chaos, I can lay perfectionism to the side and get messy as I paint. Wolves gave me that opportunity  with a few other perks. I can be a good guy and I have relatively fewer models to move around during games. When I say there are fewer models we all know that I mean WAAAAY fewer models than some armies. This obviously offers some challenges on the board. With no heavy weapons in tactical squads, there is hardly any point in building up a shooting base so the key to winning with fewer models would seem to be being in the right place at the right time. It is easy to figure out what the Space Wolves are not:
  • Wolves are not an assault army
  • Wolves are not a shooting army
  • Wolves are not a lightening quick army
Like most marine forces, space wolves are a responsive army. I have a primary game plan which is to get to where I want to be and wait to be assaulted. Many armies will assault me and win. Others will never assault me and win. Space Marines win by adapting to the situation. Space Wolves have a unique set of tools for adaptation.


  1. Welcome to FtW fellow Battle Brother. I see you are also following a fairly risky path of faith in the Emperor. I have Relictors so get a few fingers pointed at me shouting 'Warpspawn' or 'Heretic' especially from my fellow blogger Pornstarjedi who fields Ultramarines. I guess you might get a few 'Mutants' thrown your way. We are over the pond and found at

  2. Yeah, I love the mutated wolves models. I mixed a few in with my blood claws unit (with pistols added to their open hand). Thanks for commenting.

  3. Indeedy, welcome to the FtW Blogging Community! I'm really looking forward to learning more about the Wolves from your blog!