Sunday, December 7, 2008

For the Emperor- seeking feedback

So, in my remote little town in Idaho we have two shops that cary Games Workshop products. I obviously support the one that has playing tables and does not have weird shit that makes me feel uncomfortable (I had to google Athames to figure out what they were). What I haven't found is a bunch of players. I've talked to five or six fantasy players but I've got a fantasy army that I've never enjoyed playing. So far, I've run into one 40k player and I just discovered him after living here four years. The cool thing is that several people showed interest while we played this weekend. I can sort of take comfort in the fact that I only plan on living here for another six months and then (assuming we can sell our house and the jobs for high school administrators continue to look good in Austin) I plan on moving to Austin, TX where I have family, friends, and I hear the gaming is good. I guess the point of this post is to seek feedback about how to network or set up a gaming network in a small community (50+k people).

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