Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is an update on life. The final semester of grad school/ admin certification has sort of pushed everything back. Despite this short pause, I have assembled my Whirlwind and base painted it and my drop pods. I have made time to snowboard two days and the list of things that I'm going to do when I'm finished with my paper is growing long. I've got a crap-ton of papers to grade and powerpoints to put together for lessons in my law and marketing classes. I have an internship portfolio that has to go together over spring break and two promised vacations (Virgin Islands and Sun Valley). I have to study and take my Texas admin certification test, and apply for jobs in Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Austin because I have family there, it is a great city, they need educators and therapists (wife) and they pay considerably more than Idaho. I have to move. We'll just see how long it takes me to get back to blogging. I certainly miss the hobby. 

Wolf Lord Bill


  1. No problem mate, just hope everything goes well and you can get back to the hobby soon enough

  2. I feel your pain mate, I'm in my final year of uni and fitting it all in is not easy!

    However don't worry, 40K (and all of us) will be waiting for you when you have the time. I hope everything goes well for you!

  3. Well the good news is, when you move to Pflugerville, Round Rock or Austin, you'll be amongst friends. I live about 1 mile from Pflugerville and 2 (or so) from Round Rock. You'll love Austin, it has one of the biggest, most vibrant and active 40K communities in the nation, with some very, very good players and talented modelers/painters. Heck, the Bell of Lost Souls guys live here (and you can play them at BattleForge Games, the FLGS of choice). Please let me know when you make it down and you'll get a warm gaming welcome!