Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back on Excel

I'm still jumping through the last couple of hoops to finish grad school and get my admin cert. but I wanted to show that I added a box for special rules on my excel list generator. I've taken the approach of adding every unit I could possibly play on the list and adding the equations to have it change my point totals as I take different quantities and weapons options. The final line of the spreadsheet just adds up all the total boxes from each unit. I added stat lines and special rules so I can put less wear on my codexes.  


  1. good idea, I've been planning to do something like this for ages but... I'm too lazy, can I commission you to do it :P

  2. Hi there!

    Great blog... even greater army :D
    I'm a wolf lord, too and I'm also on a mac. I've been looking for a way to use my computer to make my lists so I can be done with all this paper-scribbling and calculator-fumbling hassle. Your screenshots show some beautiful list layouts, and I'd appreciate some kind of tip or directions as to where/how to start. It'd be great if I could print and bring these to my games... much nicer and tidier than what I do now ^.^'

  3. If you've got Xcel, I'm happy to email you a copy of my spreadsheets and you can try to tweek them to your needs.

  4. Wow! that'd be great! Thank you very much for finding time to reply, I reckon you are quite busy right now :D

    I'd be grateful if you sent me a copy, maybe I can use it as a backbone to my own. I can be reached at didacsoy(at)gmail(dot)com

    If I manage to make any improvements I'd mail them back to you, of course.


  5. I've tried (and failed) to do this several times, mainly due to lack of time.

    Can I get a copy as well?

    My e-mail is acermaxx1(at)yahoo(dot)com