Monday, October 12, 2009

Composition Rules Question

Wolf Guard Rules say "for every 5 models in the squad, one Wolf Guard mode in terminator armor may choose one of the following: replace his storm bolter with an assault cannon"

we don't round up for this do we? For example: If I run 7 wolf guard, detach 3 to lead other units, 2 of my remaining 4 wolf guard in terminator armor cannot be equiped with assault cannons. I am just asking because I have the extra assault cannon.


  1. Sadly from the wording it appears that we can't round up. The statement of "for every 5 models" to me reads that you would have to have a full 10 to get the second heavy weapon.

  2. cool thanks, old codex seemed to be worded differently in general. For every five models rounded up you can have a power weapon in your blood claw unit for example. can't complain and don't want to be questionable.