Monday, November 17, 2008

The First Blog

First impressions are something I could be good at with a little effort. I suppose the goal here should be to let you know if you are among the people who might want to give my blog a chance. How often will I blog? What will I cover and with what expertise? And who am I, the author? Tonight, I feel wordy like a drunk on a barstool but I will aim to limit the scope of this posting to address these questions.
I could write about my professional experience. I'm a classroom teacher. I could write about myhobbies (snowboarding, computers, video games, following the NBA) but I think I will begin this blog spot as a place to share one particular hobby, Warhammer 40k.
I've been painting and modeling since my first child was an infant. Ten years ago, I began the hobby as something to do in the middle of the night because I have never been good at waking up and going back to sleep. I settled for sleep every other night while my wife was on parenting duties. On my nights to parent, I stayed up and painted. I've painted chaos, and sisters of battle armies which I no longer have. I have painted some fantasy stuff, several ogres, and several Skaven. My primary army for the past five years has been the Space Wolves.
I took wolves to the Dallas Grand Tournament several years ago. Then, I was plugged into a great group of gamers in Waco, TX. Since then, I have moved to South-east Idaho and have essentially been cut off from the game. With the recent release of new models, rule books, and codexes, I have been compelled to seek out communities and blogs online. I'm a busy guy but I will do my best to put up pics and do my part to pass on the things that I'm excited about in the game.


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  1. Welcome aboard, Matey!

    I love the idea of late-night-parent-duty painting: genius!

    Good luck with it - I had Wolves way back in 2nd Edition; y'know, when I was a kid and when GW still bothered to make Space Wolf codices and models etc...!

    - Drax.