Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love is Painful

I can't say that I win any more games than I lose with my Space Wolves but I faithfully stick with them. As I will explain in future posts, mele scouts make more sense for wolves but my love for my shooty scout squad is not unfounded (I love me some double negatives). In summary, playing what I want to play regardless of tactical reasoning often leads to rediculous defeat but this is the story of how shooty scouts came to be my favorite squad.

I am just now starting to read about the strengths and weaknesses of various armies. Traditionally, I have not concerned myself. I've had plenty of situations when what I brought to the board proved to be the perfect answer to what my oponent was using. My tactical squads don't carry heavy weapons but when they bring down HQs or walkers with their power fists or drop land speeders with bolter fire, the opponent has to appreciate their strengths. My shooty scouts on the other hand, have only ever had one good game.

The scenario was simply 2v2, kill everything to win. My partner was fielding 1.5k black templar and I was fielding 1.5k wolves. Our opponents were orks and 'nids. Over the course of a couple rounds, my snipers totally worked over the big nids in the backfield. My troops stood back, fired, and then proceeded to hold their own in close combat against all assault troops. As someone who was accostomed to losing, it felt good to not only take my first victory with the space wolves but to walk away as the MVP of the game. For tactical reasons, I have started using a mele unit of scouts but I always keep my shooty scouts on stand-by.

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