Thursday, November 20, 2008


I guess, it isn't like a 40k player to share my plans before I get a chance to flank and gank and it is too late for you to adapt but I am making an exception here. I can't find my camera so that is slowing me down.

I have some old pictures that I'm going to mutilate in fireworks and use for a title graphic. look for that within a week.

I think I will likely incorporate pictures slowly as I discuss my opinions concerning the advantages of specific units. Of course, I'll be working on some new models in December and January.

I have decided that blogs are a great organizational tool. I'm tempted to start keeping a seperate blog just for my army lists. Some at various point levels. List mods for mele armies and ranged armies and tourneys. I'll generate some buttons to link them together of course.

The one picture that I've thrown up so far is from my cell phone and really sad. I have a decent digital slr (that won't turn off flash in macro mode) but I seem to have misplaced it since helping my son with a "reflections project" a week ago. I also have a digital video camera but it may be a while before I'm ready to invest that much work into "teh blog."

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