Monday, December 8, 2008

My Bad

One benefit of taking pictures and typing up my a game summary is that I've had a chance to step away from the experience and analyze it. There are a couple things that I could have done differently. The game I'm referencing is a few posts back. Things I will do differently in the future include:

Allow Tau Opponent to go first- with nightsight rules first turn and ample buildings in the middle, odds are that my rhinos would have been able to find cover or pop smoke to survive second turn. The drawback to giving up first move is that I could have possibly given up the ability to place two units in the middle of the board. My opponent would not have likely been drawn off his objective on the last turn if I had saved the Rhino move for bottom of turn five but it would have been a safer move if the game went six rounds. Bottom line is that the sneaky tactics won't work against this opponent again so closing the distance on him is just that much more important.

Resist the urge to shoot my Land Raider- in round two, I moved six inches instead of 12 and shot at the unit that I was charging. I lost 6 inches of movement and the unit I was charging failed a morale check and fled another several inches. That lost time hurt. When my unit finally got dug-in it was down to a couple guys and it still murdered. I'm confident that the unit would have cleaned house and possibly dropped a tank with my rune priest's 6, str 5 attacks against the back armor of a heavy support vehicle.

Screen the Walker- The meta-game between myself and my friend, the Tau player, will no doubt get complex. Now that he has seen that my army relies on a couple key lascannons and power fists in my tactical squads, he will likely start dancing around a little bit with his tanks (and I will likely start remembering the names to his vehicles/units). My dreadnaught could be as valuable as a rook in a chess end-game strategy as the walker is able to come around a corner and take out a vehicle across the board on the same turn. It would be worth the effort to keep my walker behind some rhinos until it can get up against a building or group of trees.

If there is anything else I should be doing differently, let me know.

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