Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plastic Termies

I had to take advantage of all this time so I picked up some termies for no other reason than I haven't painted plastic ones yet. Wolf terminators are only allowed as a retinue for an HQ choice in terminator armor. Each member of the retinue (each terminator) can choose different weapons from the weapons list. If I did have to choose between the assault terminators and standard terminators, I would have to choose power fists and storm bolters. Lightning claws would fit the wolf imagery but I think having the bolter fire and the capacity to charge vehicles seems to be the way of the wolf. Since I'm allowed to choose gear, I prefer to put power fists on my assault cannon guys and the cheaper option of power weapons and storm bolters on the rest. If I have 10 points that I don't know what to do with, I can just add a couple more power fists.

My challenge on these guys was limited selection of colors. I picked up limited range with these models and I was missing red and  yellow especially. I'll have to keep working on these guys when I get home.

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