Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year's Aspirations

I've stolen this idea from other bloggers in the community. The ones I've read are Iron Legion and Aspect Portal but they reference another blog that I'll have to check out. My 40k resolutions for the new year are as follows.

5. I will refrain from reading, commenting, and especially posting blogs while at work apart from maybe a couple minutes in my planning period. Seriously, I think they're on to me. By they, I'm not even sure if I'm talking about the students or the administrators but I'm sure they know.

4. I will do what I can to get new people into the game. I am pretty sure I've got a friend starting an orc army. I know there is one guy in town that has 4k worth of tau and he can't be alone. If I can get a few guys to come out of the woodwork, that is as good as getting new people started.

3. I will find things to get rid of in my storage area (maybe mordheim or lord of the rings tcg) and get all my Space Wolves in safe and tidy transportation boxes of some kind. I might be moving this summer and there are some things I would rather give away than pay to have shipped to OK or TX.

2. I will paint a unit or two of a new army. Granted, I'm mental but I think I'm finally prepared to play a second army as long as they both have their own boxes, dice, etc. I don't know if I'm going with another imperial branch or Tzeench Demons and Tzeench Chaos as mortal enemies to my wolves. I'll likely go with choas because they will be more fun to paint and they'll fit smoothly into this blog without having to start a new one. I'm not committing either way at this point.

1. I will stop painting when my wife is trying to seduce me. Yeah, um, if you're reading this: sorry about that.

That's all I have, It will be fun to revisit this through the year to assess my progress or lack of progress.


  1. Wow, number five sounds familiar.

    Good luck with yours!

  2. That last one...whew! Anyone would think having hands covered in superglue and paint on my lips from absent-minded brush sucking was some sort of passion-killer! Oh...wait...

    Thanks for popping over to my site of late: I've no idea why I've never linked to you! Please consider it done, matey, and all the best to you and yours for '09.

    - Drax