Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So what about Sabol?

Carolina comics looks very clean and reasonably well stocked . . . . from the window. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays and this week those days linked right into Christmas Eve so I haven't had a chance to drop in while they are open . . . .

To more pressing matters. I've scored some models as well as some cash from loved ones and I'd like to invest in a bag to carry my vehicles in. I was thinking about a Sabol Designs Army Transport Mark II and picking up two 4 inch trays and a 3 inch tray. The question is, will that cary all my tanks?

Ultimately, I'd like my Space Wolves army to include 3 rhinos, 2 (maybe 4) drop pods, 2 land raiders, and a whirlwind. What size bag should I go for? I have an old school pewter dreadnought that drops into my gw case. 

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