Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time, time everywhere and not a model to paint.

 Sooo . . . I'm at the Mom-in-laws. I have two weeks off work and all my models are across the country. Here is a picture of a librarian that I drew in illustrator today. I'm just that bored. I'll go check out Carolina Comics and report back : )


  1. Mom-in-laws and you left your models behind?
    What were you thinking?

  2. yeah . . . I have to drag two kids and presents for all my family on the airplane. On top of that airlines are charging 15 bucks a bag. I just couldn't squeeze models on because I don't have have a great way to package works in progress. The good news is that (as is indicated by my wishlist) I have confirmed that I've got a few models incoming. And some cash-money to possibly spend on models. The people that have subscribed to my page certainly don't need painting lessons from me but I'll post my craftiness for advice from them.