Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why Space Wolves Often Lose

In my playing experience Space Wolves have two weaknesses to overcome. The first issue is that they don't get too many models on the table. Marines are very expensive and I would argue that Wolves are even more expensive. This fact is exacerbated by the fact that this army has to include one HQ choice for every 750 points. I am bothered by tournaments that are set over 1500 points but under 2000 points because it eats up too many points to run 3 HQ choices.

The second issue for Space Wolves is that any real ranged offense in their army is extremely fragile. I just don't take the Wolf version of devastators, Long Fangs. They are capped at 5 models and every loss the unit takes is extremely costly in terms of points. Tactical Squads don't cary heavy weapons. Any heavy weapons that I run is attached to a tank which is easier for my opponent to remedy than a devastator squad or an odd lascannon in a tactical squad.

I truly appreciate bolters. They are strong enough to soften assaulting units. Standing up to assaulting armies seems to be the strength of the Space Wolves. Shooty armies turn wolves into assault armies. Playing assault with 18 point/model is a little different than herding gaunts or the Waaaagh.


  1. I figured all Marines were expensive though, my Templars are up there in price and don;t have access to a bunch of things too.

    Just makes those few wins all the better.

  2. I know it somewhat defeats the purpose of specific codexes but you could always run your Wolves as Vanilla Codex marines and save on the expensive HQ restrictions? Just for those games where you really need a win...

  3. Ron, your blurb about White Scars not being an own-all army but having fun is my attitude about the Wolves.

    Siph, I do have six or eight heavy weapons just in case I want to play vanilla marines : )

    I've found that in the roshambo of the game, Wolves have a nitch. Even when I run into the Rock to my scissors I have fun thinking about how I'm going to provide a challenge/annoying to my opponent.

  4. Having to take 3 HQ is pricey, but then again it also gives you a bit of advantage as characters can be quite effective. Have you tried using them and units of Blood Claws to assault your enemy? I'm not sure that Space Wolves are best used as a shooty army. Rush in and use the combo of great characters and assault troops to smash the enemy.