Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thanks for the input . . .

Responding to some great responses . . .

Currently, My first choice is a Rune Priest (librarian) in a unit of blood claws in a land raider. My second choice is a venerable dreadnaught which has a special rule to reroll the die to determine if I go first or second. My third choice is a wolf guard battle leader in terminator armor with a few wolf guard in terminator armor. I've got another wolf guard battle leader painted up and I've got Ragnoar on the Christmas wish list.

I think I definately like the idea of just taking 3 wolf guard battle leaders . . . loading two into drop pods and one into a land raider with troop choices. As far as troop choices I currently have one and a half units of Blood Claws but I will be finishing that second unit pretty soon. I have 3 full units of Grey Hunters. My major problem with Blood Claws in the Priority transports (Pods/Raiders) is that they are extremely easy to lure off of objectives because they are required to charge. I was thinking that maybe my sixth troop choice will be a unit of Grey Hunters with Bolt Pistols. This might be a good choice for a drop pod unit because they are one point cheaper than Grey Hunters with Bolters, they get an additional attack on the charge, and they have the option to stay on an objective late in the game.

So the tactical result is an assault army with fewer models which requires some terrain hugging and the strength of the army is the three characters. I think we're just about to the point in the conversation where we hash out the tools for getting an army with such small numbers and fragil ranged offense into close combat with a shooty army . . .


  1. Are we? I would have thought that by including the words "Land Raider (Crusader/Redeemer)" and "Drop Pod" into your post, you'd had it all by yourself. ;)

  2. lol, Land Raider and Drop Pod are definately a start.