Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is what happens when I wait too long to post . . .

Thank you very much for the useful responses to my last post. As usual I was underestimating the power of a blog (and a great community), but I just didn't expect the problem to be solved so easily. However, I've taken a few days to evaluate the context of the problem and decided to just stick with my old metal terminators until the new Space Wolves hits shelves which should be late this year.

On the topic of a new codex, I hope that upon its release Space Wolves only have to yield 35 points for a Rhino. I am feeling a little cheated about paying 50 right now. Locator Beacons would be nice as well.

I spent some time convincing my fantasy playing friend to try 40k this week and he has my rule book. 

I put together a 2k point list this weekend that included Christmas models. I need to paint two drop pods as well as assemble and paint a whirlwind. Despite the fact that I'm being totally hammered by college and work right now, I have a strong desire to get those vehicles painted for a picture of my whole army. I had a 2k list before Christmas but I think the addition of mele scouts, drop pods, and a whirlwind, makes it a better list. A kink in my list is that I had points left over for just a couple more guys and no space to drop them apart from my scout unit and I didn't have any more scouts with pistols or shotguns so I added two sniper rifles to my assault unit. I guess I'll retain the right to set them up in my own backfield if I'm playing against an army that I really don't want to assault with little scouts. 

And on to the controversy. I'll just come out and say it: I glued the doors to my drop pod closed. There are a three or four reasons why but I'd just like to skip that conversation and get to rules implications. I was thinking that it might be fair to say that instead of blocking line of sight, drop pods offer 4+ cover saves. 


  1. Let's see some pics Bill. Also on the pod. You still get the cover with the blocked LOS depending on how many men can be seen. The problem I see is someone saying well if your doors dont come down so you get a 4+, then your guns and missiles cant shoot out. Also you get those extra inches of deployment when they come down. Why if you don't mind did you want to keep them up? I have no problem with it I'll most likely pin mine up too. but it's more of a I can't control my glue issue than a modeling issue. Also let me know how your c/c scouts work. I've only used my 5 guys once and 2 got killed I blew 2 up and then Lone Wolf Mcquade just stood there battling necrons for an hour.

  2. My reasons include: 1. I was very frustrated gluing it together and some things didn't work out on the inside just perfect (i couldn't get both the half circle pieces that run from the harnesses to fit into the center column and I was getting frstrated). When I finally got it a put together and didn't want to paint the middle. It dried and the doors all worked just fine but I didn't like the idea of transporting them with the doors opening and closing. I didn't like the idea of the paint wearing off where the pieces come together and/or rub together. Bottom line is that I just like stress-free and simple when it comes to painting and transporting. I will grab another couple if I decide to go to a grand tournament. . . . When I get the pods and Whirlwind together, I'll post pictures of my 2k list.