Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reflection: Grey Hunters

I can't help but reflect on the ways Grey Hunters have improved since the release of the last codex. In addition to having drop pods for select units instead of the entire army there have been two other noticeable improvements. First, is the improvement of the bolter. Being able to move six inches and then rapid fire is a fair improvement to mobility and range by my judgement. The second advancement is in the counter attack rule. The Wolf Marines used to be able to pile-in when assaulted. Now that all assault victims have that ability, Grey Hunters gain an additional attack when assaulted.  In a best case scenario they are now able to walk into rapid fire range, shoot their bolters, sit and wait to be assaulted and then take three swings per model at the assaulting unit. Wow, I'm sleepy.

I'm going to have to make a special spot to list all the special rules that apply to each unit on my Xcel project. It is so easy to forget about acute senses when you're worrying about true grit, counter attack, They shall know no fear.

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